Christmas Chez Milk-McKinley, 1960s

Seeing as the holiday season is upon us, I thought I'd post this picture of Harvey, his boyfriend-at-the-time Jack Galen McKinley, and their Christmas tree. (Or perhaps it's a Hannukah bush?)

Wow, Harvey looks just skinny-skinny-skinny in this picture, doesn't he? The dog's name is Trick, by the way. The cat, not pictured, was named Trade. Yes, Harvey, very subtle...*rolls eyes and starts giggling*

Two anniversaries

Sixty-one years ago, Joseph Scott Smith was born in Key West, Florida.

Twenty-four years ago, Dan White committed suicide by inhaling carbon monoxide from his car's exhaust pipe in his closed garage. He was survived by his wife, Mary Ann, and their three children, Charlie, Rory and Laura, ages seven, four, and ten months.